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About "Renewable Energy Systems for Building Designers: Fundamentals of Net Zero and High Performance Design" by Professor Dorothy Gerring. 

Are you ever frustrated because you can’t quickly and easily put your hands on the information you need? Are you unable to determine if the information you are finding is actually up-to-date and accurate? What happens to the validity of your work if you don’t know what you are missing – where is that darn consultant anyway?

These problems are the reasons I created this book. Students, young professionals, and interested people can have a difficult time piecing together clear and accurate information about renewable energy systems and how they work with a building’s design.

There are many variables to juggle. A designer can’t design something without asking questions – and you have to have enough information to start asking questions. Students don’t get to have a consultant (notwithstanding that in my experience, professionals are quite willing to help students when asked).

This text book is intended for college-aged students, undergraduate and graduate, in the fields of architecture, construction, mechanical or architectural engineering. Young professionals and anyone studying the potential of developing new building products related to energy efficiency or renewable energy systems can use it as a guide for deepening their understanding.

In a world where net-zero performance is needed now (and required in some places), we are responsible for creating a world filled with fabulous buildings that provide comfort and performance while improving the quality of life for everything on the planet. I could not find a book that covered these issues with both breadth and depth, and my students needed a better system for tracking what they learned about renewable energy systems so that they could fully integrate the systems into their projects.

This book is intended to be a resource that can be referred to many times: the consultant that is available 24/7. The chapters are intended to stand on their own as just-in-time training, while forming a cohesive whole. The concepts are laid out clearly, with lots of helpful illustrations and explanations.

Please let me know how the book works for you. If there’s an on-line resource that you can’t live without, and I didn’t mention it, please tell me about it. Above all, I would love to hear about your successes from the wonderful sustainable projects you’ve created and that you know are going to work because you asked the right questions to integrate performance and renewable energy in innovative ways.

Dorothy Gerring
Associate Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Design
Pennsylvania College of Technology